The discovery Game is recommended by:

  • Focus on the Family
  • The American Association of Christian Counselors and
  • Shaunti Feldhahn, the best selling Christian author of several books including For Women Only

Before production, The discovery Game was tested for four years, and shaped by over 300 couples! It has since been enjoyed by tens of thousands of happy couples.

The discovery Game will create an exhilarating atmosphere for you— where conversation, fun and romance result naturally. You control the pace of the game so your experience will be tailor-made specifically to fit your relationship. Get The discovery Game for less than it costs to go out to dinner, and be ready to pull a great date out of the box— anytime!

The discovery Game

Fun, Safe and Intimate

The discovery Game is unique. It fosters intimate conversations in a rousing environment. Consequently, you will connect with one another deeply, while avoiding “heavy,” threatening, or uncomfortable situations. It’s like a first date that’s going really well… and surprisingly, it feels that way, even for the couple who has been married for decades.

Intimacy Right Where You Are

The discovery Game is not a sex game, and it is not just for marriages in trouble— though it will usually lead to physical intimacy, and resolve problems in the relationship. What is it? It’s fun! It’s date night in a box! It’s an unbelievably easy, prepackaged way to connect with your spouse!

The discovery Game
The discovery Game

Right Where You AreThe discovery Game is not a sex game, and it is not just for marriages in trouble— though it will usually lead to physical intimacy, and resolve problems in the relationship. What is it? It’s fun! It’s date night in a box! It’s an unbelievably easy, prepackaged way to connect with your spouse!

One of the greatest things about The discovery Game is, when you play, it doesn’t feel like you are working on your relationship… you’re just having fun!
The discovery Game
The discovery Game


The discovery Game

DiscoverLand on a discovery space and draw a discovery card. These cards present tasks and questions that drive intimacy. They also foster conversations that would rarely occur otherwise. You then receive a love token (required to win).

The discovery Game

RealityLand on a Reality Check space and draw a Reality Check card. These cards often present humorous setbacks. They also make possible many of the game-winning requirements.

The discovery Game

WishLand on a Wish Space. Then, using the hourglass, perform the wishes of your spouse for 2 minutes. This can be anything: from physical intimacy to washing dishes.

The discovery Game

CenterThe Center Square allows you to move very rapidly around the board and is also a jackpot. But once in, the player can only exit by rolling doubles, using a Get Out of Center card, or, by taking off an article of clothing.

Example Cards

The discovery Game Booklet

Also included with the game is The discovery Game booklet, designed to take a couple to the next step in intimacy beyond the game. The booklet is incredibly insightful, written in a no-nonsense manner, and packed with references for support and further study.

Many great marriage resources are already available, most in book form. We recommend some of our favorites on the Recommended Resources page; but for many, it is difficult to find time to read a 200-300-page book. It is even more difficult for both the husband and the wife to find the time… and if optimum effectiveness is to be achieved from any marriage resource, both will need to take in the information.

The discovery Game Booklet is only 22 pages; with those pages being half the size of the standard 8.5×11 (letter size) sheet of paper. We highly encourage you to dig into the 200-300-page in-depth marriage resources; but here we offer you a very easy way to get started on a journey that can take you to a whole new level of understanding and intimacy. In fact, The discovery Game Booklet is perfectly suited for a couple to read aloud together.

Included with the game are the instructions to download the booklet in the eBook format for free. It is also available for $.99 on Amazon Kindle. The eBook/Kindle version has reference pop-ups and lots of links.

The discovery Game Story

My wife and I had been married for well over a decade. We had two young children; we both worked, and we both had very busy schedules. Our relationship was once fantastic! But, obligations, divergent interests, and fatigue, over time, created between us, a palpable, emotional distance. We had lost the ability to communicate about anything other than kids, schedules, and work; and had come to a point in our relationship where we were essentially just roommates.

In recognizing this, I devised a game for us to play. The very first time we played— to our great amazement— we recaptured much of what had been lost. We were both shocked, and excited: excited about each other! It was as if we had just begun dating— all over again! It was exhilarating! I continued to shape the game, and we continued to experience the best date nights of our entire relationship. When the weekend would come, we didn’t want to go out; we wanted to stay in and play the game. Every-time we played, it was different. Every-time we played, our relationship grew deeper and more satisfying!

Then we began loaning the game out to others. To our surprise, the game was having the same effect on their marriages. Every day people would call us wanting to borrow the game. We had to create multiple, prototype copies. Over the next 4 years, more than 300 hundred couples played the game. I used their feedback to hone and tweak those prototypes. Today, tens of thousands of couples have played the final product, and, have experienced their spouse anew. It’s your turn to discover your spouse for the first time— again.



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