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One of the key things to remember about relationship trouble is no relationship is always happy. However, those inevitable struggles that occur in relationships are actually healthy, and if handled properly will serve to strengthen the marriage. There are many available options today for those who seek marriage help. Look to our Recommended Resources page, talk to your pastor, seek a good Christian Marriage and Family Therapist in your area, get The discovery Game, play, and read through The discovery Game booklet together.

Your marriage will dramatically affect every aspect of your life for good or bad. What’s more, your marriage will also affect the lives of those who live, work and play around you. So, if you want to function well at work, if you want to raise your children well, if you want to enjoy your hobbies, it is imperative that you find the help necessary for a healthy, happy marriage.

If you have a happy marriage now, rejoice in that blessing, then take steps to ensure that it stays that way. No one would put fuel in a car and then expect to drive around for the next ten years without ever refueling. Your relationship will need routine refueling. You have probably heard: marriage takes effort and requires work. But who says that work can’t be fun and exciting. The discovery Game is a fantastic way, with no preparation, to refuel your relationship. But anything you and your spouse can do, that is fun for both of you, that allows for communication, especially in an exciting atmosphere, will serve well as a method of recharging your marriage.

Some of you might think that there is nothing both you and your spouse enjoy doing. I doubt that is true. It may be that your favorite things are not the favorite things of your spouse. But it’s not the activity that is important. With a willingness to compromise, you will find that there are things you and your spouse will enjoy doing together. For example: of the many couples that have played The discovery Game, occasionally we find a husband, or a wife, or both a husband and wife that dislikes playing games. Yet, in every case where the couple played anyway, they had a great time, learned things about each other, and as a result of that time together, came away a happier couple with a stronger marriage!

Portions of the information on this page were taken from The discovery
Game Booklet, which is included with The discovery Game.

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