Wedding Registry

The perfect wedding gift, the most unique wedding gift, is often one that is not found on the couple’s wedding registry. The way the wedding gift thing usually works is: you ask where the couple is registered, you go to that store or go online and choose from among the items that the couple has already decided on. Not a bad system, but what if rather than a toaster or a set of knives you could give them a strong passionate marriage? What if rather than a comforter or a set of china, you could help to ensure that this happy couple’s marriage will stand the test of time? What if you gave them The discovery Game?

Compared to the other gifts mentioned, The discovery Game is very inexpensive, but the value of the game can be immeasurable. The discovery game was designed to deepen and develop intimacy in marriage. It allows a couple to really connect while at the same time creating a fun, lighthearted, exciting environment (whether newlyweds or empty-nesters). Most couples have nights, dates, and vacations that they can look back on— thinking, “wow that was a great time!” The discovery Game will make that sort of an experience available, whenever, and however often the couple chooses to pull it out of the box. So as a wedding gift, a gift for newlyweds, for those having anniversaries, or for any married couple, this game is a fantastic, unique way to show that you really care about them. For more information on the game see our “The Game” page.

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