Communication Game For Marriage

Communication has often been touted as the most important factor in a successful marriage because it is the method by which many other needs are met and expressed.

Before a couple marries they usually dated (or courted). While dating, both the husband and wife to be, were diligent in their efforts to communicate. They consciously would strive to be as interesting and entertaining as possible. In seeking to learn about each other, and even impress each other, each one made the other his or her first priority. This validates the importance of both.

Often, after a couple has been married, the pressures and responsibilities of life make this sort of concerted effort and focus toward one’s spouse very difficult. The discovery Game is the solution! The discovery Game makes this sort of focus not only easy, but also fun. The husband and wife frequently have very different needs in this area, yet the game has a strong appeal to both. This is marriage enrichment made fun! Some of your greatest moments are in this box!

The discovery Game has received endorsements from:

  • Focus on the Family
  • The American Association of Christian Counselors and
  • Shaunti Feldhahn, the best selling Christian author of several books including For Women Only

Before production, The discovery
Game was tested for four years,
and shaped by over 300 couples!

The discovery Game creates an atmosphere of exhilaration, where a couple can experience something similar to those initial “falling in love” feelings. During this process, true intimacy is developed and deepened. The discovery Game is effective for the newlywed, the empty nester and everyone in between. From couples that are very close, to those who are struggling, all can expect a deeper more intimate relationship with his or her spouse, and all can expect to have a great deal of fun! Learn more about The discovery Game

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