Best Board Game for Couples

One of the most important aspects of marriage is friendship. Even romantic intimacy (sexual intimacy) is fed by this friendship. Friendship is dependent on many factors: respect, trust, sacrifice, etc. But, even when all these attributes are in place, there must be an outlet for respect, trust, etc., to be expressed. If this outlet is to be truly productive, it must also be fun. The discovery Game was specifically designed for exactly this.

Indeed, prior to the release of The discovery Game, over 300 couples playtested prototypes for 4 years; and the feedback from these couples crucially affected the initial release of the product. Since then, the game has been put into use by many marriage/family therapists, pastoral counselors and tens of thousands of happy couples. We continue to carefully monitor feedback and have honed and tweaked the game accordingly. Today, The discovery Game is a finely-tuned instrument for establishing and developing a robust friendship in a marriage.

This friendship will cause excitement in the relationship— excitement for one another. It will stimulate physical intimacy and sexual intimacy at a pace that never feels coerced. The game will also help hurt couples heal emotional wounds. But, the most amazing thing about the game is, all of this occurs as you are simply playing a game, as you are simply having fun together! The discovery Game is truly a tool that feels like a toy. Playing, doesn’t feel like an intentional effort to improve the relationship, you’re just having fun. The results come almost effortlessly. Get The discovery Game for less than it costs to go out to dinner, and be ready to pull a great date out of the box— anytime!

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