Sexual Discovery Game

If you are looking for exciting ways to spice up your sexual relationship or your love life in general, you are in the right place. If you are looking for for a thrilling way to spend an evening of romance with your spouse that will not soon be forgotten, you are in the right place.   The discovery Game was intentionally designed to deepen and develop intimacy in marriage. The Game provides the parameters, structure, and direction and allows the couple to specify the particulars while focusing exclusively on each other.

The discovery Game will not walk you step by step from one sexual position to another; it will take you much deeper than that. Games like that are played by couples once. Then the game is usually hidden on a top shelf in the closet, rarely to be seen again. The discovery Game will meet your marriage where it is today, and where it will be 10 years from now. You and your spouse will come back to The discovery Game many times for many progressively dramatic ‘date night’ experiences.

Before production, The Discovery
Game was tested for four years,
and shaped by over 300 couples!

One of the things that make the discovery Game so unique is the open-endedness of the questions and actions that you and your spouse may be asked to answer and/or perform. For instance, the following is one of the more risky actions a player might be asked to perform:

“Using the sand timer, for the next 2 minutes, touch your spouse in the place of their choice while complimenting him or her.”

If you and your spouse have a very active and intimate sexual relationship, your mind is already running wild. However, let’s assume there are some problems, maybe not even specifically problems with your physical relationship. Maybe a pet or a relative has passed away and you just want to connect with your spouse. Can you see, in this situation, how your marriage would be better served by just holding hands and speaking words to your spouse that builds him or her up?

Discovery Game Box Face

No. The discovery Game never instructs a couple to perform any specific carnal act. The intent of The discovery Game is true and total intimacy, rather than a superficial facsimile. However, I would be negligent if I did not say, that regardless of the level of physical intimacy your relationship enjoys— after a couple has moved through the questions and actions provided by The discovery Game (which are expressly designed to deepen and develop physical and emotional intimacy) the result for most couples is sexual intimacy. The difference is that the couple was not coerced by a game. Instead, the game helped the couple go exactly where their relationship wanted and needed to go, whether a wild expression of sexual energy or a slow intimate expression of love.

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