Wedding Ideas

In preparing for your wedding day, you will be making decisions on everything from catering possibilities (such as food stations) and personalized décor (like your vows printed on the table runners) as well as bouquet ideas, song choices and entertainment options (for more on that go here). These decisions should reflect and celebrate who the two of you are as a couple. When the wedding is over and the honeymoon begins, where you go and what you do should reflect that as well. If you want the passion that led you to the altar— the passion that made your honeymoon amazing— if you want that passion to continue, you must continue to make choices that represent and celebrate who you are as a couple.

That means choosing intimacy over other things that life will throw at you. You will have to make choices like do I want to spend time with my spouse or do I want to get a promotion at work which will necessitate working late for the next few months. There are many ways to rationalize these decisions. For example, you might say, “Our car is always breaking down > It is causing us great stress > we need a new car > Therefore, I need to put in more hours at work, so as to get the promotion, make more money and then buy a new car. And, this might actually be the right thing to do. However, intimacy in your marriage will suffer as a consequence. Over time, many decisions, such as the aforementioned, will drive you apart. But, for the most part, such decisions are unavoidable. What you will need is a way to do the one without surrendering the other; you will need an easy way to connect— an easy, fun, no-preparation-way to deepen and develop intimacy, such that you and your spouse can remain close while at the same time meeting head-on the challenges life will throw at you.

You need The discovery Game!

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