Healthy Marriage Retreat

Searching for a marriage retreat near you? Check our Recommended Resources page! We highly recommend a getaway every year to keep your marriage healthy. The seminar type, where you are learning from highly experienced and credentialed people is almost an essential. However, a weekend or weeklong getaway (vacation) for you and your spouse— where you relax and enjoy each other— is equally important. We recommend at least one of these a year. If your schedule and budget can afford it, do both

No one would put fuel in a car once and then expect to drive around for the next year without ever refueling. Your relationship will need routine refueling. If you go on two outings a year, like those prescribed above you will be able to connect and refresh your relationship. This will help you and your spouse get back to “each other”. However, that is only part of the plan, because those 2 getaways, as important as they are, only account for 2-4% of your year. If you want a truly loving and intimate relationship you will need to find ways to connect during the remaining 96%-98% of the year. The discovery Game can make this kind of connection and refreshment for your marriage available in your own home, whenever and however often you chose to pull it out of the box!

Marriage takes effort and requires work. But that work can be fun and exciting. The discovery Game is a fantastic way, with no preparation, to refuel your relationship. But anything you and your spouse can do, that is fun for both of you, that allows for communication, especially in an exciting atmosphere, will serve well as a method of recharging your marriage.

Whether your marriage is going along great, falling apart, or anywhere in
between, you owe it to yourself and to your marriage to play!

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