Conversation Starters for Passion

Dinner parties and gatherings can be a little awkward, especially if you don’t know everyone in the room. But, if you are married, conversation should flow naturally, right? Yes. And no. Ideally, a robust, invigorating conversation should be constant between you and your spouse. And if you are experiencing that level of communication, you will love The discovery Game. It will be a vehicle that will allow you, not only rich conversation, but deep intimacy and passion! If you are not now experiencing that level of communication, The discovery Game will be a tool that will help you build/rebuild a deep and transparent friendship that progresses toward passion.

The reality is, life entails duties and obligations that, over time, drive a wedge between people. These duties and obligations may be good, even necessary, things— things like school, kids, work, caring for elderly or sick parents, etc. But as these duties encroach upon the relationship, “together-time” becomes more infrequent. If this course persists— if time spent together continues to remain infrequent— common interests will begin to fade. Disappointment and discouragement will create emotional distance, and eventually, a married couple will find that they have little to do, one with the other. Furthermore, over time, individual interests evolve; people grow and change. If the couple does not consistently strive to remain “connected,” they will almost certainly drift apart. Conversation and intimacy will then become very challenging.

My wife and I once had an amazing, very close relationship. But, after decades together, I found that we rarely talked about anything not directly related to the kids or our vocations. So, I planned an extravagant date night. I took her to an expensive restaurant and followed that dinner with a play. The play was a musical. It was a big, expensive production… not the kind of thing I generally go in for. When the play was over and we were— along with a myriad of other people— attempting to writhe our way slowly out of the parking lot in the vast expanse of taillights, I intentionally left the radio off— to see what discussions might arise. Nothing. Silence. After maybe 8 minutes (which felt like an eternity) I began struggling to come up with anything, not related to the kids or our jobs that might evolve into a conversation. I literally couldn’t think of anything! And she said nothing. Silence! Again, we once had an amazing relationship.

And it wasn’t as if we hated each other; we had just drifted apart. I had literally just spent around $400 to engage with my wife and when it was finally down to me and her, there was nothing there. What to do? Do we just say, “We fell out of love” and move on? The discovery Game was created, in large part, as a response to my newfound inability to communicate with my wife. The very first time we played— to our great amazement— we recaptured much of what had been lost in our relationship. We talked for hours without interruption. We were both shocked, and excited: excited about each other! It was as if we had just begun dating— all over again! It was exhilarating!

The discovery Game will meet you where your relationship is. If you already have a vibrant, close relationship, get ready for sparks to fly! If you are, like we were, struggling to even muster a conversation, that will change almost immediately. I can tell you that, The discovery Game has provided the best date nights of our decades-long-marriage… and we have had some amazing date nights. If you are looking for conversation starters that lead to passion, look no further. Get The discovery Game for less than it costs to go out to dinner, and be ready to pull a great date out of the box— anytime!

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