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BIO: The discovery Game was created by Ken Bankston, with help from his wife Mandy. They have been married since 1989; The discovery Game was born out of their need for greater intimacy.

Ken and Mandy have been attending the same church since 1990, where Ken has long been a men’s ministry and marriage ministry leader. He has a bachelor’s degree in business from DBU, a master’s degree in Christian apologetics from BIOLA and a master’s degree in biblical studies from DTS. He is also the campus director of an apologetics ministry at a nearby university.

Ken and Mandy have 2 girls Alyssa and Ashley. They live just outside of Fort Worth Texas.


The discovery Game Story

My wife and I had been married for well over a decade. We had two young children; we both worked; and we both had very busy schedules. Our relationship was once fantastic! But, obligations, divergent interests and fatigue, over time, created a palpable, emotional distance. We had come to a point in our relationship where we were essentially just roommates. We had lost the ability to communicate about anything other than kids, schedules and work.

In recognizing this, I devised a game for us to play. The very first time we played— to our great amazement— we recaptured much of what had been lost. We were both shocked, and excited: excited about each other! It was as if we had just begun dating— all over again! It was exhilarating! I continued to shape the game, and we continued to experience the best date nights of our entire relationship. When the weekend would come, we didn’t want to go out; we wanted to stay in and play the game. Every-time we played, it was different. Every-time we played, our relationship grew deeper and more satisfying!

Then we began loaning the game out to others. To our surprise, the game was having the same affect on their marriages. People would call us every day wanting to borrow the game. We had to create multiple, prototype copies. Over the next 4 years more than 300 hundred couples played the game. I used their feedback to hone and tweak those prototypes. Today tens of thousands of couples have played the final product, and, have experienced their spouse anew. It’s your turn to discover your spouse for the first time— again. Enjoy!

The discovery Game
Ken Bankston

Our Mission Statement:

Encouraging and equipping married couples to increased intimacy with each other and with God for the Glory of God.

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