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  • "It made us think outside the box and become romantic on a different level." — Josephine
  • "The real victory was we started communicating!" — Tray
  • "This game will make a wonderful wedding gift!" — Ron
  • "It's like a date that we can have at home — no costs no distractions." — John
  • "We've been married for 2 years and have had our ups and downs, but this was maybe the most fun we've had together since we've been married!" — Aaron
  • "Absolutely fantastic! It is like having another Valentine's Day!" — April
  • "It is a pre-packaged easy way (no preparation) to grab some valuable together time." — Jamie
  • "It allowed us to retrace our steps and analyze why we fell in love in the first place." — Tray
  • "The game offered a wonderful evening of romance!" — Carol
  • "In less than an hour playing the game, I learned things about my husband that I hadn't learned in 45 years of marriage." — Linda
  • "We love the conversation created by the discovery cards." — Tim
  • "The discovery Game really helps us to connect!" — Laurie
  • "We got to learn things about each other we didn't know or hadn't thought about in a long time — after 12 years of marriage." — Mike
  • "I really like the game because it added a level of competitiveness while allowing us to really connect with each other." — Huy
  • "I liked that it provided a mechanism to understand one another in a gaming format. I also liked receiving the soft kisses from my wife. Hey, rules are rules!" — Tom
  • "Day to day life gets to be hectic. Sometimes it's nice to have something that gets you out of the routine and gets you to stop and spend time together. This game does that!" — Julie
  • "The discovery Game is a great way to increase our intimacy and understanding." — Marcy
  • "We retold some of our favorite memories." — Jonathan
  • "It was fun. We had a ball playing!" — Jay
  • "We loved the discovery cards! They are wonderful! They are fun and sure to lead to greater intimacy in marriages." — Dave
  • "It is a fun game that will be a blessing to any couple that plays it!" — James