Ministry Partners

We have been blessed by several ministries, in that they have allowed us to come along side them, and lock sheilds in a battle to help direct couples to greater marital intimacy and greater intimacy with God. We are honored to list a few of the ministries that stand out as an inspiration to us. Also, we thank you for taking time out to visit us on the web.

Shaunti Feldhaun, the best selling author of several books (among them, the For Men Only and For Women Only series) has officially endorsed The discovery Game, as has The American Association of Christian Counselors.

We would like to thank the many other ministries we work with daily. Many of these ministries are in the "public eye," and though they make The discovery Game available to their donors— due to many public relations concerns— they are not at liberty to make overt, official endorsements. And, along with these larger ministries, there are many, many individuals who make The discovery Game available through church fellowship ministries of one kind or another. We do not have the resources to thank each of you individually— except to say— to all those who work with The discovery Game, helping to promote and develop healthy, Godly marriages: thank you for the work you do in the Lord!.


Our Mission Statement:

Encouraging and equipping married couples to increased intimacy with each other and with God for the glory of God.