Marriage Tips

First of all, what is a successful marriage? If you are in one you know it, right? If you are not, you know it, right? Maybe.

If you are in a really good marriage or a really destructive marriage you can probably make that distinction, but for everyone else, there are degrees of success. The point here is that a really successful marriage is simply a marriage that does many things right and not so many things wrong.

The purpose of our marriage tips pages is to help you define what you are doing right, and to help you recognize those areas where your marriage could use a little maintenance.

Please note that many of these tips have as their origin, a more comprehensive and, probably a more practically applicable document called The discovery Game Booklet. The discovery Game Booklet comes packaged with the game in a standard hard copy version and on CD, in the much enhanced digital version.

God's blessings on you and your marriage!



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Portions of the information on this page were taken from The discovery Game booklet that is sold with the game.